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Zdrojowa Hotels
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Hotels in the best Polish resort
Zdrojowa Hotels consists of unique premium facilities with outstanding prime location and architecture. The interiors have been designed for comfort of Guests who value stylish elegance and modernity with a regional twist. Spacious rooms offer unforgettable views. Zdrojowa Hotels ist the biggest hotel chain in Polish resorts, made of 11 exceptional facilities at the seaside and in the mountains. Zdrojowa is socially responsible, caring about the development of art and the environment under the Zdrojowa Art and Zdrojowa Eco Friendly programmes.
Baltic Park Molo Apartments
Apartaments in the centre of the seaside promenade
Baltic Park Molo Apartments - apartament

Baltic Park Molo Apartments

Here guests feel at home and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. Baltic Park Molo houses 62 spacious apartments with fully furnished kitchenette, encouraging preparing meals by guests themselves. They all have modern interiors and are functional.

Apartaments with the view to Świnoujście beach

Soothing colors of the seaside dunes create untroubled atmosphere, providing for perfect relaxation to the sound of the sea, close to a sandy baech. The apartments are also located close to the lively seaside promenade.


  • Garage
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Furnished kitchenettes
  • Online press
  • Electric car charging station


Baltic Park Molo Świnouście

al. Baltic Park Molo 1-4
78-111 Świnoujście

T: +48 91 40 40 400

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