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  • Cristal Resort Szklarska Poręba
  • Radisson Blu Resort, Świnoujście
  • Radisson Hotel Szklarska Poręba
  • Hilton Resort & Spa, Świnoujście

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Children are our special guests
The youngest can count on a number of attractions in our premises
Children are our special guests - apartament

Children are our special guests

We know that a good and peaceful rest of the parents depends on their kids playing safely and with a lot of fun. This is why out youngest guests can count on a number of attractions in our premises and the parents – on support in ensuring their kids' unfotgettable stay. Starting from Kids Clubs filled with toys and outdoors playgrounds, paddling pools in SPA zones and dedicated Wellness treatments, to classes and workshops with animators – our youngest guests will forget what „boredom” means. Thinking of the parents, we have not forgotten practical ammenities: baby chaninging tables, heaters, cribs and our Chefs have taken care of a special menu, which will be to the liking of any child and will ensure kids have the energy to explore the world and have fun.

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