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  • Marine Hotel★★★★★, Kołobrzeg
  • Ultra Marine, Kołobrzeg
  • Diune Hotel★★★★★, Kołobrzeg
  • Diune Resort, Kołobrzeg
  • Sand Hotel★★★★, Kołobrzeg
  • Jantar Hotel★★★ & SPA, Kołobrzeg
  • Boulevard Ustronie Morskie
  • Boulevard Residence Ustronie Morskie
  • Baltic Park Molo, Świnoujście
  • Baltic Park Fort, Świnoujście
  • Cristal Resort Szklarska Poręba
  • Radisson Blu Resort, Świnoujście
  • Radisson Hotel Szklarska Poręba
  • Hilton Resort & Spa, Świnoujście

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One-of-a-time holiday in Zdrojowa!
One-of-a-time holiday in Zdrojowa! - apartament

One-of-a-time holiday in Zdrojowa!

It was a hot summer, full of unusual events. We patronized countless events, festivals and concerts, and among our Guests there were well-known personalities from the world of culture and sports.

As part of the Active Summer campaign, we encouraged beach goers to actively spend time with Radio ZET, and the event’s stars visited the Diune Hotel***** & Resort. As part of the Beach Project, we provided holiday attractions and a summer atmosphere in Świnoujście together with TVN. With Radio Eska, we set out for the Battle of The Voice Of Poland in Kołobrzeg, and the artists who took part in the event stayed in the Marine Hotel***** & Ultra Marine. Tesla presented luxurious models of their cars in our hotels, and Guests tested this famous brand cars. There were also movie stars residing in Zdrojowa’s premises, among others Anna Seniuk and Jan Englert, who participated in the Action Movie Festival. Meetings with actors and directors were held in our hotels as part of this event. On the Marine Hotel***** & Ultra Marine beach Orange Summer had its stop, and in the Świnoujście amphitheater we sponsored the annual Grechuta Festival. In addition, our Guests participated in sports competitions and activities conducted by the world kickboxing champion, Agnieszka Rylik and in holiday workshops run by the renowned developmental psychologist, Dorota Zawadzka.

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