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Electrifying joy of driving in Zdrojowa hotels
Electrifying joy of driving in Zdrojowa hotels - apartament

Electrifying joy of driving in Zdrojowa hotels

This summer all the paths of Tesla car lovers led to the seaside. Tesla "Experience the future of mobility" events were held in Zdrojowa Hotels buildings in Kołobrzeg and in the Radisson Blu Resort in Świnoujście.

The event’s main attraction was the presentation of two luxury Tesla models - the S model and the X model as well as free trial drives. During the test drives, Tesla fans were accompanied by brand representatives who shared their knowledge about these vehicles and answered all questions. As part of the tests, the Kołobrzeg facilities Guests traveled a total of almost 800 km, consuming 223 kWh, which cost about 100 PLN. In Świnoujście, 600 km were covered, which involved 180 kWh of consumption and the expenditure of around PLN 80. Thus, it turned out once again that the use of electric cars is not only beneficial for the environment, but also brings considerable savings.

The events constituted another step in the history of cooperation between the pioneer of electric motorization and the Zdrojowa Hotels network. Some time ago, we launched Tesla car charging stations in all our hotels. Destination Charger loaders charge cars to "full" within 3-4 hours. Stations are part of the pro-ecological strategy, the main assumption of which is a balanced approach in the use of natural resources.

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