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Hotels in the best Polish resort
Zdrojowa Hotels consists of unique premium facilities with outstanding prime location and architecture. The interiors have been designed for comfort of Guests who value stylish elegance and modernity with a regional twist. Spacious rooms offer unforgettable views. Zdrojowa Hotels ist the biggest hotel chain in Polish resorts, made of 11 exceptional facilities at the seaside and in the mountains. Zdrojowa is socially responsible, caring about the development of art and the environment under the Zdrojowa Art and Zdrojowa Eco Friendly programmes.
29 January 2018
Enjoy the best #BluView on the Baltic Sea!
Oglądaj piaszczystą plaże z dachu Radisson Blu Resort, Świnoujście
11 May 2018
We reward the best employees
In Zdrojowa Hotels at the end of each quarter, we reward outstanding employees who are not only specialists in their area,
29 November 2017
Zdrojowa delights with colors of autumn flavors
Autumn on the table is dominated by goose dishes and venison, warming soups and indigenous flavors of apple and pear take the main role.
26 April 2017
See how a 5-star sea view looks like
Take a look at the beach from the roof of the Marine Hotel*****
17 August 2017
Diune Hotel★★★★★ & Resort has rooms for bees
Is famous for its excellent cuisine, and now also has its own honey bees and honey.
25 January 2016
Regional menu in seaside Zdrojowa hotels
Richness of dishes seasoned with the sea breeze and tempting with local tastes
09 May 2017
Find your taste with Zdrojowa Hotels
When going for a walk along the sea promenade, do not forget your favorite drink.
26 April 2017
People are the most important - Zdrojowa Hotels rewards its employees
Meet the Employee of the Year 2016
11 May 2017
A must-read - "Nokaut. Historia bokserki” (Knockout. A female boxer’s story)
The first book by Zdrojowa Hotels’ ambassador
11 April 2017
Relax Door2Door
Luksusowy hotel, wygodna podróż samolotem i transfer na lotnisko i do hotelu.
30 January 2017
We are changing habits together with our guests!
On the 25th of March 2017, Zdrojowa Hotels will join the ecologic Earth Hour
01 January 2017
Fly to Kołobrzeg
Fly to Kołobrzeg
23 January 2016
Black gold
Mud – Kołobrzeg black gold
02 February 2017
Book before others do - 1st minute holiday up to 20% cheaper
Discover the art of relaxation in Zdrojowa Hotels
12 September 2017
Beauty weekend at Marine Hotel★★★★★ & Ultra Marine
Welcome to Marine Hotel★★★★★ & Ultra Marine for a unique Beauty Weekend at the seaside!
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